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2017 Fall Show Results


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  Daughter Sells:
3rd Dam:
  Cutting Edge JP Stacy
3-5   291d   24,125m   4.8  1169f   3.8   912p
All American Sr. 3 Year Old, 2014

  Hill-N-Dale Co Swallow ET
5-8  365d  31,222m  5.8  1810f  3.9  1223p
All American Sr. 3 Year Old, 2004
10 "Excellent" Daughters


Selling: A 2 Year Old
Cutting Edge Sea Stormy

Born 4/30/15
2-1   86d   4419m   4.2%   187f   3.2%  143p   (RIP)
Bred 8/29/17 to Hilltop Acres G Durango ET

Sire: Cutting Edge Seaman


Selling: Cutting Edge T Sneakers

Born: 6/10/16

Cutting Edge Thunder

  Daughter Sells  
  Fulp Agenda Snickers ET
3-6   365d   22,990m   4.3%   982f   3.5%   802p
Reserve All American Sr. 3 Year Old, 2015
Honorable Mention All American 4 Year Old, 2016
Reserve Grand Champion, Eastern National, 2016
3rd 4 Year Old, International, 2016

Grandam: Top Acres Wonder Sukie ET "2E91"
4-9   365d   29,330m   4.6%   1335f   3.1%   915p

3rd Dam: Top Acres Pilot Sukie "2E92/94MS"
5-0   365d   24,530m   3.7%   898f   3.3%   811p
All American , 2005, 2007

4th Dam: Hill-N-Dale Ensign Sue ET "3E93/E95MS"
6-2  365d   34,630m   4.8%   1656f    3.5%   1195p
All American 1998, 1999

5th Dam: Hill-N-Dale Jade Sarah "2E92/90MS"



Selling: Cutting Edge HT Juliet

Born: 3/1/17

Sire Harts Thunder

  Daughter Sells  
Trademark Pepper Juniper "E91/92MS"
1-11   305d   23,040m   4.9%   1138f   3.3%   762p

Grandam: Storm-Haven August Jamaica "VG88"
3-9   365d   44,080m   4.7%   2076f   3.1%   1387p


Selling: Cutting Edge T Fate ET

Born: 12/15/15

Bred 6/13/17 to Top Acres GPS ET

Sire: Pit-Crew Wonder Tanbark ET

  Daughter Sells  
  Round Hill Legacy Flyhi ET "3E93/93MS"
6-5   365d   29,750m   4.4%  1304f   3.4%   1021p
Nominated All American 4 Year Old, 2009
Nominated All american Component Merit Cow, 2012
Grand & Supreme Champion, New York State Fair, 2009
1st 4 Year Old, Eastern National, 2009
Reserve Grand Champion, New York State Fair, 2012
3rd Component Merit Cow, International Show, 2012 

Grandam: Brook Run Jetway Fern "E93"
4-5   365d   23,100m  4.2   959f   3.6   841p
Unanimous All American Spring Yearling, 2000
All American Jr. 2 Year Old, 2001
Reserve All American 4 Year Old, 2003

3rd Dam: Campswiss Jacque Fawn "3E92"
4-11  365d  29,850m  4.9  1401f  3.7   1103p 

4th Dam: CIE Campswiss Supreme Faith "4E94"
7-10  365d  35,710m  4.6  1627f  3.5  1244p
All American Aged Cow, 1998, 2000

5th Dam: IE Bowers Johnny Mazella
"3E92 in Canada" 




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